Gnat Boxers Square Dance Club

Gnat Boxers Dance Schedule


Jul 20 Caller will be Dave Hefferon with Gene Eckley as Cuer.

Aug 17 Caller will be Rebecca Shull-Smith with Linda Warren as Cuer.
Annual Tailgate Picnic at 6:00pm

Sep 21 Caller will be Jason Raleigh with Amy Riehl as Cuer.
Special Dance $8 - “65th Anniversary Dance”

Oct 19 Caller will be Doug and Don Sprosty with Natalie Sprosty as Cuer.
"Special Dance $8 - The Calling Twins" - Food Drive

Nov 16 Caller will be Dave Stuthard with Brian Smith as Cuer.
Toys for Tots

Dec 21 Caller will be Pam Courts with Cuer TBA.
Special Dance $5 Students / $8 Angels - 11th Annual Christmas Cookie Bake-off


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